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Master of Science in Economics and Development

Presentation of the Program

The MSc Program

The MSc in Economics and Development offers lessons and research projects in the heart of Florence. With its interdisciplinary approach to the teaching of economics and an excellent student to staff ratio, this MSc offers an international environment thanks to its students which come from all over the world, and its teaching staff from the Department of Economics and Management, the Department of Statistics, the Department of Law, and the Department of Political Science of the University of Florence together with visiting professors from other universities around the world.

The MSc in Economics and Development provides two curricula: a curriculum in Development Economics and a curriculum in Economics. Each curriculum prepares students for different careers, and it is a worthy experience which equips students with advanced tools to conduct theoretical and applied research in the fields of economics or economic development, to collect and analyse quantitative and qualitative information from local, national and international datasets, and to use economic and econometric methods to evaluate and formulate global and sectoral economic policies.

Both curricula provide students with a competitive advantage in any profession that requests a diversified spectrum of skills to analyse and possibly solve socio-economic problems within international organisations, companies or governments. Key competences acquired by graduates and which are highly valued by employers include solid economic knowledge, problem-solving skills, analytical thinking, and economic intuition. A sound background in economics and quantitative methods is matched with a multidisciplinary approach (legal, business, finance, historic, etc.) to allow students to develop other useful skills for the job market. 

For the curriculum in Development Economics, the MSc offers the possibility to take part in the Double Degree organized with the MA in Development Economics of the University of Göttingen (DE). 

For the curriculum in Economics, students can choose between a Track in Economics and a Track in Behavioural Economics.


Flyer of the MSc in Economics and Development



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