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Master of Science in Economics and Development
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Double Degree

Program overview

The Double Degree Programme is a high-quality two year Master programme specialising in development economics. It is offered by the University of Florence and the University of Göttingen (

It allows students to earn the MSc in Economics and Development from the University of Florence, School of Economics and Management and the MA in Development Economics ( from the University of Göttingen, Faculty of Economic Sciences.

Students spend the first academic year at the University of Florence and the second academic year at the University of Göttingen. Master theses are conducted according to the regulations of the university where students spend the second academic year and are recognised by the partner university.


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This programme focuses on a quantitative analysis of developing economies. By providing students with advanced quantitative methods and skills, it is designed to equip graduates with cutting-edge research techniques, develop in-depth knowledge of the driving forces behind economic development, to prepare them to think analytically and to evaluate and formulate global and sectorial economic policies.

Key competences provided to students include the capacity to conduct both theoretical and applied research in the fields of economic development, poverty analysis and international cooperation and integration; furthermore, students acquire the ability to develop and manage complex cooperation programs within national and international organizations including Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and private sector companies with an interests in developing countries.

At the University of Florence, the programme starts in September and students will take both mandatory and specialization courses of the MSc in Economics and Development (curriculum in Development Economics).

After the first academic year in Florence, students spend the entire second year in Göttingen, taking courses from the Master in Development Economics. These courses count towards the degree in Economics and Development from the University of Florence. The fourth semester in Göttingen is dedicated to the completion of the master's thesis - according to the regulations of the University of Göttingen. 

Educational objectives:

At the end of the programme, graduates will be able to:

-       collect and analyse quantitative and qualitative data from local, national, and international data sets;

-       understand micro and macro phenomena from an economic point of view;

-       use theoretical and applied (including econometric) tools to analyse economic systems;

-       evaluate and formulate economic policies.

The programme will not only provide a sound background in economics and quantitative methods, but will also allow a multidisciplinary approach.

Career perspectives:

The opportunities for this programme include employment in government and aid agencies working on development issues, international organizations, policy research institutions, international business in multinational companies, and enrolment in a PhD programme.

last update: 20-June-2017
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