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Master of Science in Economics and Development

After the Master

Learning outcomes and career opportunities  

Graduates will be able to collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative information from local, national and international datasets. They will also be able to apply decision methodologies and analysis within full or incomplete information frameworks. Their knowledge of economic phenomena will enable them to relate micro and macro phenomena and to use theoretical and applied (including econometric) tools to analyse economic systems, evaluate and formulate economic policies. Courses aim at providing a sound background in economics and quantitative methods, but also allows a multidisciplinary approach (Historic, legal etc).

The MSc in Economics and Development is ideal for pursuing a PhD programme in Italy or abroad (in Economics and or in development Economics) or for a medium-high level entry into research or professional jobs in the field of economic and/or development. Notable careers include academic teaching and research, civil service appointments and posts in national and international organisations. 
last update: 23-May-2017
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