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Master of Science in Economics and Development


  • PhD program: Naples Ph.D. in Economics (NPDE)
  • Offered by: Naples School of Economics, which groups the graduate programs in economics and finance of the University of Naples Federico II.
  • Admission procedure: 2 stages: a preliminary application and a formal application. The preliminary application is meant to help candidates assess the chances of success of their formal application.
  • Deadline: The preliminary application for the admission to the Ph.D. program, together with supporting material, must be submitted by 15 April 2021.  
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Program structure: In year 1, students take advanced courses in micro, macro, math and econometrics, while year 2 comprises a semester of field courses and seminars to help students identify their fields of interest, and a semester of study in a non-Italian university. Host universities include Harvard (HBS), Indiana, Johns Hopkins, MIT and Stanford in the US, Montreal in Canada, Essex and UCL in the UK, and Amsterdam, Barcelona (GSE), Bielefeld, EHESS, Essex, Frankfurt (Goethe), Nova, Louvain, Mannheim, Paris 1, Toulouse (TSE), and Vienna (VGSF) in Europe. Years 3 and 4 are devoted to thesis writing under the supervision of a faculty member, possibly in collaboration with an external advisor. By the start of year 3, each student will submit a thesis proposal, including a complete draft of a research paper.
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  • ScholarshipsFive positions are available with a full-time scholarship (two of them reserved for non-Italian students) paying a gross income of approximately € 13.590,00 per year. The monthly allowance can be increased up to 50% during visiting periods abroad. There will also be allowances for short-period mobility (from the second year).
  • Faculty: The diversity of research areas covered by the faculty allows students to write their thesis in several fields of economics and finance.  Students are exposed to a vibrant research environment, by participating to the weekly seminars organized by CSEF, and interacting with its Research Fellows and international visitors.
  • Contact: they can be addressed to
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