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Master of Science in Economics and Development

Politics of Globalisation and Human Rights

CFU: 6

Year: 2

Semester: II

Instructor: Lucia Re

Classes are held at the Syracuse University, Piazza Savonarola n.15.

The teaching calendar follows the US Spring Semester: the course begins in mid-January and ends in mid-April.

Introduction; "politics of globalisation...and human rights"; the HR doctrine: theory, norms and implementation; "globalization": origin of the word and possible interpretations; the liberal standpoint and its critics; the "great globalization debate"; the nation-state and national legal order in the global era; global order, war and HR; HR: an hegemonic project?; the "new rights"; HR and global migrations; HR and gender.

Students attending the course: a selected bibliography will be given and presented to students in the first part of the course.

Non-attending students: Martell, The sociology of globalization, Second Edition, Polity Press, Cambridge 2017 and One of these books: a) Slaughter A.-M., A New World Order, Princeton University Press, Princeton (NJ.) 2004.; b) Zolo D., Cosmopolis: prospects for world government, Polity Press, Cambridge 1997.; c) Kinley D., Civilising Globalisation. Human rights and the global economy, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2009."

last update: 05-June-2017
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