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Master of Science in Economics and Development

Topics in Mathematics for Economics 2

CFU: 6

Year: 1

Semester: II

Instructor: Antonio Villanacci

The course is an independent study on topics in mathematical economics and it has the course “Mathematics for economics” as an indispensable prerequisite.

The content of the exam has to be discussed and agreed upon with the instructor. Possible topics are listed below.

General topology; Measure theory, Integration and Probability; Functional Analysis; Calculus in Banach Spaces; Differential and Difference Equations; Convex Analysis; Set Valued Functions and Fixed Point Theorems; Variational inequalities; Differential Topology.

Main source: Villanacci, A., (2017), Some Topics in Mathematical Economics, mimeo,Università degli Studi di Firenze.

last update: 05-June-2017
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