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Master of Science in Economics and Development

The University of Goettingen

University of Goettingen (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)


The founding of Göttingen University (  took place at the instance of the local ruler Elector George Augustus of Hanover (who was at the same time the King of Great Britain as George II due to the personal union with Great Britain and Ireland from 1714), after whom the University was named.

Lectures at the University commenced in 1734, and the official inauguration took place in the presence of Münchhausen in 1737.


Bike students – © University of Goettingen


The Göttingen Academy of Sciences which was founded in 1751 played a decisive role in the rise of Göttingen to a scientific centre of European importance.

Carl Friedrich Gauß, one of the most distinguished mathematicians in the history of mankind, was a professor of Astronomy in Göttingen. Many aspects of today's world are based on his multi-faceted research.

Göttingen survived World War II without major damage, which meant an inestimable starting advantage for the town and the University. With the permission of the British occupying power, the Georgia Augusta was the first German university to resume teaching on 17 September 1945.

Nowadays, Göttingen University is the only university in Northern Germany that was selected to receive funding within the framework of the Initiative for Excellence of the Federation and the Länder (states).

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Campus – © University of Goettingen


Faculty of Economic Sciences (

Economics has always played a key role in research and teaching at the University of Göttingen, ever since it was founded in 1737.

Today, the Faculty of Economic Sciences is one of the largest in Germany, with over 4,540 enrolled students, 28 professors, 3 assistant professors, and 6 honorary professors.

The diverse research fields of the faculty overlap in three key areas: Compliance and Governance, Marketing and Consumer Science and Global Change and Development.

The Faculty of Economic Sciences offers academic programmes that prepare students for professional success. At the bachelor's level, students can select from business administration, economics, business information systems and human resources. At the master's level, programmes range from key areas such as business administration and economics to a more specialized education in information systems, business and human resources, taxation, applied statistics, as well as economic and social history. In total, the Faculty offers five bachelor degree programmes and ten master degree programmes.

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