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Master of Science in Economics and Development

What is a double degree

Our Double Degree Programme

This Double Degree Programme is offered by the University of Florence, MSc in Economics and Development (curriculum in Development Economics) and the University of Goettingen (, MA in Development Economics.

 It offers students the opportunity to spend their first year at Florence University and their second year at the University of Goettingen where they write their master thesis which is recognized by both universities.   At the end of the Double Degree Programme, students earn two degrees, one from each university.


Why do a Double Degree?

A Double Degree is a joint programme which allows you to:

  • study at two top economics schools;
  • earn two degrees, one from each university which, if done separately, would take four years of studies;
  • gain international experience;
  • be more competitive in the labour market;
  • broaden your horizons;
  • build strong international  networks.
last update: 19-May-2017
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