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Master of Science in Economics and Development


Admission requirements

Applicants should have a final undergraduate grade with pass proceed (i.e. permit to proceed to graduate studies). Applicants who graduated in Italy should have a final grade of at least 99/110 (for foreign students: if the pass proceed is not indicated it will be calculated). Students who do not fulfil this requirement but are motivated are welcome to apply but may be asked to sit an interview (admission decisions are taken by the Admission Committee-see below). A reference letter from a university professor is strongly recommended. 

The current academic entry requirements from a BA degree course are:

  • Economics 18 credits
  • Statistics 6 credits
  • Mathematics 6 credits
  • a very good working knowledge (written and oral) of the English Language is essential (at least a B2 level of the Common European Framework i.e. equivalent to a Cambridge First Certificate).

Students who do not meet these academic requirements (in terms of credits), need to pass the required exams before being formally admitted. The “missing” credits can be taken at the University of Florence or in the University of origin of the potential candidates. To satisfy the English language proficiency requirements students need to satisfy one of the following requirements:

  • give evidence that their undergraduate degree course was taught entirely in English
  • certify their knowledge at a European B2 level (Cambridge First certificate, TOEFL, IELTS etc.)
  • pass the B2 English language test organised by Dr. Ilona V. Cziraky (, who is in charge of the degree course’s language admission test.  

To contact the Admission Committee in charge of the academic admission procedure, students can write an e-mail to:

Prof. Lisa Grazzini ( for the Curriculum in Development Economics

Prof. Annalisa Luporini ( for the Curriculum in Economics

The Admission Committee verifies if the entry requirements have been satisfied and in some cases may ask applicants to sit for an interview (see above the requirements in terms of final grade from a BA degree). The time of the interview can be arranged by emailing prof. Annalisa Luporini (Curriculum in Economics) and prof. Mauro Lombardi (Curriculum in Development Economics). Students will be told in advance the subjects  of their interviews.


Applications are now open.

Download the application form and send it by email to

Annamaria Agostino ( if you are a EU student

or to

Rita Russo ( if you are an extra-EU student.

Download the application for assessment (pdf)

last update: 22-July-2020
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