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Master of Science in Economics and Development
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Politics of Globalization and human rights


Year: 2

Semester: II

Instructor: Lucia Re

The course will follow the Spring semester’s calendar of the Syracuse University in Florence.

It will start on January and will end on April. Class will be in Villa Rossa, Syracuse University in Florence, piazza Savonarola 15, Florence.

Students from the University of Florence and Erasmus students will have access to all SUF’s facilities, included the library, and to intercultural students’ activities:

Introduction; "politics of globalisation...and human rights"; the HR doctrine: theory, norms and implementation; "globalization": origin of the word and possible interpretations; the liberal standpoint and its critics; the "great globalization debate"; the nation-state and national legal order in the global era; global order, war and HR; HR: an hegemonic project?; the "new rights"; HR and global migrations; HR and gender.


last update: 23-July-2018
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