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Joint Seminar Florence-Goettingen


Year: 1

Semester: II

Instructor: Gianna Claudia Giannelli and Prof. Krisztina Kis-Katos, University of Goettingen
The seminar will be focused on two key strands of the current economic literature: “Gender and Development” and “Migration and Development”. In particular, the seminar will address the following issues:

1) fertility and labour force participation;    
2) gender and productivity gap in agriculture;         
3) the gender wage gap;        
4) women empowerment in agriculture;       
5) women and migration.      
6) determinants of migration decisions;       
7) selection into migration;   
8) impacts on receiving (and migrant) communities;           
9) remittances and household outcomes;     
10) migration and household decisions.

The purpose of the seminar is 1) to provide the theoretical background     and the applied tools to understand the economics of gender and the economics of migration; 2) apply this knowledge to the investigation of the most relevant issues in the two strands of literature for developing countries. At the end of the seminar students are expected to be able to interpret economic phenomena referring to the theory and evidence provided on gender issues and migration in developing countries.


last update: 23-July-2018
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