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Master of Science in Economics and Development
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Local and Industrial Development

CFU: 6

Year: II

Instructors: Marco Bellandi and Mario Biggeri

Module A Marco Bellandi

Application of theories of local development and industrial districts, in terms of methods of analysis of various configurations and relations between the territory and industries. Theoretical approaches and research methods on Local and industrial development in emerging countries. International cooperation. Case studies.

Reading lists, compulsory and hinted, are illustrated on the Moodle platform of the course in

Module B Mario Biggeri

This module covers three parts. A) Local and industrial development in developing countries: theoretical approaches and research methods. B) Human development at the local level and international cooperation and in particular the Sustainable Territorial Evolution for Human Development Interpretative Framework with case studies. C) Clusters of SMEs and informal sector in BRICS countries and in Italy with case studies.

last update: 04-Apr-2017
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