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Master of Science in Economics and Development
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Economics Lab

CFU: 6

Year: II

Instructor: Lapo Filistrucchi

In this course, students obtain hands-on experience with the application economics to real world cases. The course will focus on the application of industrial organization to real world competition policy and regulatory cases. By the end of the course students will have acquired some skills that are of value in jobs such as economic consultancies, independent authorities, research institutes or policy organizations.

In the first half of the course the lecturer will introduce the students to competition policy. In the second half of the course, the students will take over. In each class two students get a case, say, for concreteness, the EU vs Microsoft case. As part of the decision, the Commission forced Microsoft to sell a version of Windows without its Mediaplayer. One student has to defend this decision, the other has to make the case that the decision was wrong. The jury consists of the other students in the class.

Motta, M., 2004. Competition Policy; Theory and Practice, Cambridge University Press.

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