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Financial Services and Markets Law

CFU: 6

Year: II

Instructor: Filippo Zatti

The course examines the EU’s regulation of the capital markets. It considers the harmonized regulatory regime which applies to capital market actors across the Member States and which supports the integrated market. The topics covered include: the foundations of capital markets legislature in Europe focusing on the strategies adopted for market integration and on the role of law; the basics of capital markets law regarding capital markets, financial instruments, market participants and the regulatory authorities, including the role of the European Securities and Markets Authority; the regulation of insider dealing and market manipulation, other than short selling; the prospectus and disclosure regime; market access of investment firms and the passport for investment services; compliance in investment firms; financial analysts; rating agencies.

Veil R. (ed.), 2013, Europan Capital Markets Law, Oxford and Portland, Oregon.

last update: 04-Apr-2017
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