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Master of Science in Economics and Development
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Economic History of Globalization

CFU: 6

Year: I

Instructor: Luciano Segreto

The course aims to offer a general overview of the new international economic order following the end of Cold War. This period is frequently associated with the concept of globalization. The mainstream affirms that this process has been possible because of liberalization, deregulation and in general thanks to a massive reduction of the state intervention. This course will challenge this vision, offering a completely different image of the reasons and the instruments that permitted the transformation of the world economy in the last 25 years. Globalization is asking for more but also for a different state intervention. Emerging economies are building their future both on very old economic policies such as trade tariffs and on the support of the state in implementing the most advanced technologies in their economic structure. Transnational companies are sometimes bigger than the countries where they invest in but international or transnational institutions try to limit their power. China economic reforms and modernization appears to some extent a new form of state (authoritarian) capitalism. Russia more controversial transition to market economy did create a very similar model. Capital markets are more and more powerful, but national and supranational institutions work every day to increase levels of regulations and to make more efficient those already existing. Producers, consumers and traders of raw materials and commodities are acting as a sort of “hidden” power that states are trying to counterbalance and to regulate in order to keep a balance in this framework, where economic and financial aspects are continuously interfering and sometimes conflicting with the social dimension of the market.

Ravenhill J., 2011, Global Political Economy, Oxford UP. Gilpin R., 2011, The Challenge of Global Capitalism: The World Economy in the 21st Century, Princeton UP. Bhagwati J.N., 2007, In Defense of Globalization, Oxford UP

last update: 04-Apr-2017
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