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Master of Science in Economics and Development
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Mathematics for Economics

CFU: 9

Year: I

Instructor: Franco Gori

Complements of Linear Algebra, Complements of Real Numbers Theory, Metric Spaces, Linear

Normed Spaces, Differentiable Curves in Rn, Real Functions of Several Real Variables, Vector

Valued Functions of n Real Variables, Ordinary Differential Equations, Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations, Systems of Linear Differential Equations, Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: Local Analysis.

Apostol T., 1991, Calculus, volume 1 and 2, Wiley.

Arnold V., 1992, Ordinary Differential Equations, Springer.

M. Hirsch, S. Smale, 1974, Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems and Linear Algebra, Academic Press. 
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