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Online lectures First semester

Lectures start on September 13. Lectures will be blended (both in-person and synchronous online). If you are not yet regularly enrolled in the MSc in Economics and Development (for example, you have not yet graduated from your previous course of study from a university which is not UNIFI, or you have sent the application and you are waiting for the acceptance, or you have already received the "nulla osta" but you have not yet finished the enrollment procedure) you can attend online course by following the steps described below.

Step 1 Go to website https://studenti.<wbr><wbr> <wbr>and click on “Registrazione Web” (written in white, inside a blue rectangle). You will find a few forms to fill. Please notice that “Avanti” (written in white, inside a blue rectangle) moves from one form to the successive one (the word “Avanti” means “Go Forward”; essentially, “Conferma” and “Prosegui” have the same meaning).

The data required to fill the forms are nome (your given name), cognome (family name), data di nascita (date of birth), sesso (gender), cittadinanza (citizenship), nazione di nascita (nation in which you were born), città (city were you were born), codice fiscale (your fiscal code: if you have it, then please insert it; otherwise leave this field blank and you will be provided a fiscal code by the procedure), data about where you live, your email, your number of cellular phone, privacy disclaimer, and a password of your choice.

Step 2 After completing this registration, you will receive a confirmation email message with a username (which is the fiscal code you have provided at step 1, if you did provide it, otherwise it is your fiscal code as determined by the procedure) and the password you have chosen at step 1. In this email, please click on the link next to the words “Per procedere torna alla pagina Futuri Studenti” and in the resulting page click on “Immatricolazione online”.

In order to move forward, you need to insert username and password from the confirmation email. You will find a menu on the top right of the screen; please select “Segreteria” and then “Immatricolazione”. In the resulting page, please click on “Immatricolazione” (written in white, inside a blue rectangle), and in the successive page click on “Avanti” (here you claim you are providing truthful information).

In the successive page, click on “Corse online (uditore alle lezioni)”, and then “Avanti”, which means you are applying to be able to follow the classes; you are not becoming a regular student. In the successive page, click agan on “Uditore” and then “Avanti” a few times until a confirmation page is reached. You will have to provide an identity document (a pdf of your identify card will suffice), a photo of yourself (jpeg or pdf are acceptable formats), and then you will have to describe the highest degree you hold (presumably a BA degree; please notice that it is called “titolo di studio” in the website). Within 24 hours after completing this procedure, you will receive a new email, with an immatriculation number as “Uditore alle lezioni”.

Step 3 Go to<wbr>course/index.php?categoryid=<wbr>1182 and click on the name of the course you are interested in. Then click on “Continua” (written in white, inside a blue rectangle) and login using the immatriculation number obtained the from the latest email (see Step 2) and the password you have chosen at step 1. From the Webex connector you can follow online classes for the course you have selected (of course, you need to find out at what time these classes are held, unless the classes are also recorded).

Please recall that the enrollment procedure described above is just meant to allow you to follow the online classes, but is not the actual enrollment in the MSc in Economics and Development. When you will be able to properly enroll, you will have to beforehand cancel the enrollment described above, by following the instructions given in the lastest email mentioned in step 2.

10 September 2021
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