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The MSc in Economics and Development is a two-year (120 ECTS) program taught in English which offers two different curricula: Economics, and Development Economics. Each curriculum is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge for the selected career paths. Students will receive a comprehensive education in analytical and quantitative methods in economics.
The MSc in Economics and Development complies with European higher education directives and consists of coursework, workshops, and writing a Master's thesis. It relies on an interdisciplinary approach, covering various areas of study such as economics, legal studies, business, finance, history, and more. It also offers an international environment and an excellent student-to-staff ratio, making it an ideal choice for students from all around the world. Enrolled students in each curriculum may also participate in joint courses and activities with Syracuse University in Florence.

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ECB scholarships for women students. The European Central Bank offers scholarships for women students from the EU who are currently enrolled, or about to enroll, on a master’s course in economics, statistics, engineering or computing at a European university.

Prizes by Associazione Villa Favard. Prizes by Associazione Villa Favard for graduates of a Laurea Magistrale of the School of Economics and Business of UniFi.

Keynote Lecture 2023/24 on April 9. Keynote Lecture 2023/24 on Artificial Intelligence and Competition, April 9 at 12noon.

Study plan. Between March 26 and April 21 it is possible to fill in and submit a study plan

An online course for Data Analyst. 

Double degrees. The results of the procedures for participation to DD programmes are available.

Applications for Double Degrees. 

Master Graduates Enter PhD Programs. Recent graduates from the Master in ED have been admitted to PhD Programs

2 Study Grants. MSc in Economics and Development offers 2 Study Grants

Double degree with UniGottingen. Meeting about the Double Degree with the University of Gottingen, on September 19

Presentation of the MSc. An updated presentation of the MSc is available.

English for Economics. English for Economics will begin on October 3.


Class Timetable for a.y. 2023-24. The class timetable for a.y. 2023-24 is available for both semesters.

Introductory Course for Statistics. An introductory course for Statistical Inference will be offered in September 2023

Slides for Open Day. Slides used in May 2023 to present the MSc to prospective students

SIdE Courses in Econometrics. SIdE Courses in Econometrics, deadline is May 28

Summer School on Health Inequality. EUniWell organizes Summer School on Health Inequalities in Europe, Birmingham, 26-30 June

Lecture by Imbens, Nobel Prize 2021. Lecture by Guido W. Imbens on "Combining Experimental and Observational Data", March 28.

Open Day, May 12, 2023 at 3pm. The Open Day for the Master in Economics and Development will be May 12, at 3pm.

Keynote Lecture 2022/23 on March 8. Professor Bargain (UBordeaux) will deliver the Keynote Lecture 2022/23 on March 8 at 12pm

Meeting on Double Degrees. Professor Grazzini answers questions on Double Degrees with UniGottingen und UniBamberg

How to Prepare your MSc Thesis. An online meeting with professor Lisa Grazzini on how to prepare your thesis

EUniWell Summer School. EUniWell Summer School on Migration and Diversity in European Cities (MADEINEUROPE)

UNIFI at the Econometric Game. UNIFI, and a student of MSc in Economics&Development, participates in the Econometric Game

Call for traineeships. Call for traineeships within the Erasmus+ International Mobility KA107 Palestine, 2022-23

Course History of Economic Thought. Course of History of Economic Thought, by prof. Magliulo, at Syracuse UniversityFlorence

Syllabus Economics Lab. Syllabus Economics Lab by Prof. Lapo Filistrucchi

Meeting for PhD. Meeting for students interested in PhD, Nov. 24 at 6pm in room D6/005

First-Year Students' Meeting. First-Year Students' Meeting, Monday, Nov. 14, 1.30-2.30pm in room D6/011

Master Graduates Enter PhD Programs. Recent graduates from the Master in ED have been admitted to PhD Programs

SIMU-VACTION project. MSc ED participates in a Simu-VACTION in Atlanta (US)

Double degree with UniGottingen. Meeting for 1st-year students on Double Degree with UGottingen, Oct 21, 12.30pm, in D6/006

Double degree with UniBamberg. Meeting for 1st-year students on Double Degree with UniBamberg, October 18, 12noon

Study Grants! 2 Study Grants offered to first-year students of the MSc in Economics and Development.

Participation in a Simu-VACTION. MSc ED participates in a Simu-VACTION in Atlanta (US)

Welcome meeting and slides. The welcome meeting took place on Wednesday, September 14, based on slides available here

I semester Classes. Classes of the I semester will start on the 13th of September 2022

Int.nal Conflict Transformation. The course International Conflict Transformation starts on Sept. 6.

Double degree in Economics. 

Presentation of the Master. The presentation of the Master by the platform Federica is available

Precourse for Statistical Inference. The schedule of the precourse for Statistical Inference is available

Keynote Lecture 2021/2022. 

Economics Lab. Prof. Federico Etro


New Vacancy at Eurostat. Flash Estimates Income Distribution

Congratulations to Award Winners. 



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